We are a family passionate about our canine companions. Our canines are raised inside the home, given attention and interaction daily. We take great pride in properly socializing and training these family members. We demand their very best and work to build in them confidence and a stable temperament. Through research, patience, persistence and good fortune I have acquired World Class Bloodlines! Our dogs pedigrees possess a multitude of champions, including Spanish and American Monographica Winners as well as World Champions!

   The Dogo / Presa Canario of today can excel as a catch dog in herding and hog hunting, performs well in  personal protection work and yet posses enough versatility and beauty to succeed in show rings everywhere. The Dogo / Presa Canario needs early socialization and positive experiences through training to become a well balanced canine. Doing so will build a strong life long bond with your Canario. As a guardian breed it has man stopping ability; the Dogo / Presa Canario is an affectionate, loyal and powerful canine needing a firm but fair leader. This canine will stay by their masters side and is never known to stray. This breed is protective by nature and will defend his / her family, home and charges against any perceived threat.

   I personally enjoy the experience of participating in Conformation Dog Shows. I look forward to achieving future accomplishments in this arena. Also, with an eye to the future, I expect to involve my canines in personal protection and bite work training. We feel fortunate to care for such wonderful ambassadors of the breed.

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“Thank you” To my wife, whose complete support makes it all possible.
We are excited to say, Perro de Canario’s “Adonis” is now available for stud! High quality semen from him also available to ship. He turned 3yrs old on September 3rd, 2017.  Adonis has top notch bloodlines and it shows, see his info under male tab.
We are also pleased to announce that we are offering potent, high count frozen semen from our boy, Multi and Master Champion Bravo’s “Romulus”. See him under male tab.
For stud services or semen shipments, email or text, SERIOUS INQUIRIES only please!   

Dogo/Presa Canario Champion Bloodlines